Friday, 16 October 2015

AKPAN ANIEFIOK'S ideas and support needed as an ENGINEERING STUDENT

It is no more News that Nigeria is ranked as the sixth most populated nation in the world and the most populated in Africa, which is also ranked as the 21st largest economy in the world with respect to her gross domestic product(GDP) and the 20th largest in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), with such a buoyant economy in Africa, she is still ranked as one of the countries with the most unemployed citizens and highest rate of poverty. Poverty, which currently is one of the most prevalent social problem of every nation is on the rise in every African cities and more intensely at the western region.
A nation is said to be poor if more than average of her citizens do not have a certain minimum living standard. Nigeria is not an exception to this common definition. After much research,  I came up with a professional idea which can largely help to minimize the effect of high rate of poverty in developing countries such as, Nigeria with support from government, stakeholders, and individuals as an Engineering student.