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Online Dating: Do Some Peoples Profiles Reveal What Kind Of Person They Attract?

If one was to go out into the world with the intention of finding another person to be with, it is going to be important for them to come across in the right way. Now, this is not to say that there is only going to be one way for them to behave.

For one thing, it can be necessary for them to put a certain amount of effort into their appearance before they go out, and then for them to be confident when they are out. Along with this, they can decide if they will come across in a humorous manner or as being laid back, for instance.
Different Requirements
What this comes down to is that although there will be certain things that one will need to do, there are going to be other things that are not as essential. When it comes to the latter, it can all depend on the kind of person they want to attract.
In addition to this, the kind of environment that one goes into can also play a part in who they will come into contact with. As a result of this, one could look right and behave in the right way, but if they are in the wrong place it might not matter.
Anything Is Possible
It could be said that there is also the chance that one will find someone who is right for them if they go out to a night club. After all, all types of people can be found in these places, and there can be a number of reasons as to why someone would go there.
As although they might not go there every week; they could go there if one of their friends is celebrating their birthday. Other than that, they might prefer to go to a bar or to stay in with friends.
The Down Side
Yet, one could find that this is not the best place for them to meet someone to be with. They could find that most of the people in these places are the same, or that they are too drunk to talk to.
It might then be better for them to find a bar to go to, and this would give them the chance to hear what another person is saying. Or they could go to a social club, and this will allow them to see what someone is like without being under the influence of alcohol.
Another Side
As even if one was to meet someone in a night club who they like, they could find that they are not the same without alcohol. They might find that they are still attracted to them, or they might feel the need to get away from them.
And if one was drinking when they were out, the other person might end up having a similar experience. If only wanted to fulfil their sexual needs, they may find what they are looking for by going to a night club.
Times Have Changed
However, while going somewhere like this would have been the main option in the past, it could be said that this is no longer the case. Nowadays, one can go online if they want to find someone, and this means that they want need to go anywhere.
Providing they have a Smartphone or something similar, they can go online and use a dating app. Once they have joined a site, they can upload a few pictures and write about themselves.
The Right Match
When it comes to finding the right person, they can search for the kind of person that they want to be with. There are likely to be a number of different options for them to choose from, and it can be as if they can find the perfect person.
One might find that they need to find someone who has the right look, and this means that they might only look through a profile if they like their appearance. The next step can then be for them to look through what each person has written about themselves.
The Description
If one was to take the time to do this, this can give them the chance to find out what someone’s personality is like. They could also talk about how they like to spend their time.
At times, someone can talk about the kind of person they want to talk to and the kind of person they want to avoid. This could then be seen as a sign that this is someone who has a clear idea about who they want to be with.
Reading between the Lines
Alternatively, the reason why they talk about the kind of person they don’t want to be with can be because they often end up with people like this. If one believes that they have no control over who they attract into their life, this could be something that they will overlook.
Yet, if they believe that this not something that just happens, they are unlikely to believe that other people randomly attract people into their life. In this case, what someone has written can be seen as something that can’t be ignored.
Moved On
There is the chance that what happened is behind them, and this can mean that they have taken the time to work through their issues. On the other hand, this might not have taken place, and it might only be a matter of time before they end up in the same position.
One might decide to meet them even though they have taken a deeper look into what they have written, or they could decide to move onto someone else. It is going to be down to them to listen to themselves.
If one is completely different to the kind of person who they say they don’t want to meet, they might not be attracted them. Even though the other person might want to attract someone who is healthy, this might not be what feels comfortable at a deeper level.
The ideal might be for this person to reach out for external support so that they can move beyond this. This is something that can take place through reading a book or by working with a therapist.

Dental Care Basics That Your Dentist Wants You to Remember

How do you know if you have a good oral health? Decent oral health gets reflected in a mouth that looks good and also has no bad smell. This means your teeth do not look dirty and don’t have any food particles stuck in gaps, your gums do not ache or bleed when you clean your teeth and your mouth doesn’t have any bad breath.
There are few things you can remember for your basic dental care which are mentioned below:
Brushing techniques
You should brush at least twice a day but you can do more if you want using the right kind of toothbrush and toothpaste.The bristles on your toothbrush should be soft enough not to cause bleeding gums but they should also be firm enough not to bend upon use. You should hold your toothbrush at an angle and the brush should be thoroughly rinsed right after use to prevent the growth of bacteria. A toothbrush should be replaced after about every four months.
You should floss before brushing. Your toothpaste will reach areas more effectively if you remove food particles stuck between your teeth beforehand.
Things to do when you can’t brush
If you are stuck in situations where you are not able to brush your teeth, have Stolidity with you. Stolidity is an anti-bacterial chewing gum and it can effectively help reduce bacterial accumulation in the mouth.
No piercing
You should avoid getting piercings in your oral area. Though this advice might be against your desires, note that the piercings are one of the most common causes of oral infections, especially if it's a tongue piercing.
Look for a good dentist
Do not compromise on money when it comes to choosing a good dentist. A bad dentist could end up being more expensive than a good one. While looking for a dentist, try to ask your friends and family for their recommendations,.
Be informed about the related things
Sometimes, there are things that your dentist will not inform you about. This can happen either because he for got or he thought you don’t need to know. Please make sure to clear everything before you get out of the clinic.This is also applicable for sensitive issues, like if you have bad breath or not.Dentists will never tell you that your mouth smells bad, not unless you ask.
There are plenty of information on dental care available around you and with little efforts, you can get all useful insights on all aspects of dental care. Make sure you read through relevant information on the aspect of dental care that you want to see your dentist for. If you are comfortable, talk to others who have been through similar situations in order to know how they dealt with the same and what cautionary measures you need to take.
Though dental care basics are not a rocket science, lots of people do not pay proper attention and thus they pay a heavy price later. So keep the above-mentioned factors in mind to have good oral hygiene.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

People Pleasing: Why Do Some People Always Say That They Don't Care About What Other People Think?

How to Make Money in Graphic Design

Design is Thinking Made Visible’ and ‘A Good Design Makes a Product Understandable’. Keeping this in mind, in terms of business, making products and services become understandable through design is a challenge. There is no denying the fact that humans are highly creative but how one creates to make others understand the creation is again a challenge. Reducing the gap between creative ideas and making people understand them are talented graphic designers across the world. 

Design is Everywhere
If one looks around, one would find that we are surrounded by all kinds of designs. Be it the logo of your laptop or the excellent designs of the t-shirt you had worn the last weekend, graphic designs are everywhere. In order to make an impact on the minds of prospective customers, businesses look to hire graphic design experts to communicate through the language of designs and derive benefit out of it. 

Changing Scenario
Compared to the previous market scenario of demand and supply, where there was ample amount of employers with less graphic designers available, the present situation has certainly changed. Presently, there is an equal balance of designers and employers available in the market.
Expressing ideas is satisfying for a creative person but at the end of the day, everyone has bills to pay. Now, let’s see the scenario from a designer’s perspective. How can a graphic designer make a living? How can they make good money through online platforms? Here are few tips on how a designer can make the most out their designing skills and earn high income:
Creative Service Marketplace: The emergence of online freelancing sites is a blessing in disguise for both employers and freelance designers. An increasing number of freelance graphics design jobs online has made life easier for designers. One can now easily join an online creative service marketplace, create a profile, upload one’s portfolio and then start getting work from clients across the world. One can work for several clients at a time and most importantly, get paid on time.

Start an Online Business: One of the easiest ways to establish oneself and earn money is by starting an online business. There are scores of online businesses that require the skills of graphic designers to execute several needs. A graphic designer can offer services like designing ads, web designs, logo, icon designs, banner, brochure designs, etc. Create your own website and make sure the site is designed in a unique way with lots of excellent graphic design all over. People visiting the site would obviously expect to see something different from the generic sites since they are entering a designer’s den. Make sure you upload your portfolio, list your services on the site and write some creative lines on your take on designing and yes don’t forget to mention your contact details (well, yes, it did happen as some people are so busy highlighting their creative side that they actually forgot to mention their contact details!).
Grab the Offline Opportunity: Just like offline businesses, online business houses too require graphic designers for numerous requirements. They need graphic designs and arts for their online ads, icons for their web pages and blogs and also for their buttons on the websites. In fact, some employers look to hire graphic design experts to contribute in the web designing as a whole.
Social Media Groups: The social media is a hub for possibilities, especially for freelance graphics design jobs online. It’s just that one has to recognize the right funnel that would lead to opportunities. There are many online groups like freelance graphic designer jobs, media jobs, graphic designers on Facebook, Twitter, among others, where people post their requirements pertaining to graphic designing. Thus, it is a great way to get work online and earn money.


I’m sure you think it’s odd that I am encouraging you to Make Some Mistakes, but think about it –  haven’t you learned invaluable lessons from what you judged as “mistakes”?
I have learned so much from the mistakes I have made in the past, that I no longer even call them “mistakes” – that sounds too negative to me. I actually now love my mistakes… not something I ever thought I’d say out loud!  So yes, I am encouraging you to go ahead and Make Some Mistakes today… and see what happens.  Think of all the opportunities to learn, to change, to grow, and to expand.
So many people are afraid to even take a few small risks because they might trigger a “mistake.”  So they don’t try anything new.  They stay stuck in their lives without taking any opportunities for new growth. Trying something new can be so refreshing.  Trust me, I’m one of those people who hates change… I always have!  But I’ve learned to see change as an opportunity, and learned to love my mistakes because of the incredibly rich lessons I learned from them. I am who I am today because of the awesome lessons I learned from behaviors I once called “mistakes.” I no longer see them as negative, foolish or bad. I see them as necessary, expansive, and brilliant as far as contributing to my emotional growth!
A great benefit of making a mistake is that you will learn something you didn’t know before, and maybe you can use this lesson in your future.  You will also find new silver linings and new “aha” moments that will be of benefit to you.
There are so many upsides to trying new behaviors, friendships or taking risks in your life.  And when I talk about risks, I’m not talking about going skydiving.  I’m talking about reaching out to new people, trying new behaviors, writing about new topics, teaching something new, parenting in a new way…
What I know is that when you take the edge off your fear about making mistakes, life seems easier, less threatening and more manageable. That’s what I continue to want, less fear in my life.
So, are you ready? I know it will be worth it for you to Make Some Mistakes!  You’ll notice the improvement in your vibration, the increase in your optimism and a higher level of creativity that shows up in all areas of your life.
What does this have to do with attracting abundance? When you are willing to Make Some Mistakes, you are automatically expanding what the universe will return to you energetically.  When you are willing to take risks that might lead to some mistakes, you communicate to the universe that you are open to new ideas and new channels for abundance. Your vibration will immediately feel more alive and abundant, and the results will be exciting!
Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors carry energy…
Our vibration matters!
Remember that the Universe hears your vibration not your words.  The principles of the Law of Attraction remind us that we will receive more of what we are “broadcasting” to the Universe when we are in alignment with it.  When the universe is able to receive a clear message from you then the Law of Attraction works in your favor.
Below you will find EFT setup phrases to help you be inspired to release your blocks to being able to attract what you want into your life.
The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows:
While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).
“Even though I’m afraid to make any more mistakes, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.”
“Even though I’m afraid of the consequences of making mistakes, I deeply and completely accept my feelings.”
“Even though I don’t want to cause too much damage with my mistakes, I accept myself and my feelings anyway.”
I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below.
Phrases that focus on the problem:
Eyebrow: “I’m afraid to Make Some Mistakes in my life…”
Side of Eye: “I hate the mistakes I’ve already made…”
Under Eye: “I’d rather not make any more mistakes in my life…”
Nose: “I’m so afraid of the consequences of making more mistakes.”
Chin: “I don’t want to cause any more damage with my mistakes.”
Collarbone: “I’ve hurt others and myself with my past mistakes.”
Under Arm: “I’m afraid to take any more risks.”
Head: “What if I don’t want to make any more mistakes?”

Phrases that focus on a solution:
Eyebrow: “I want to believe that Making Some Mistakes is good.”
Side of Eye: “I’m trying to see the positive benefits of mistakes.”
Under Eye: “I want to feel inspired to take risks.”
Nose: “I’m looking forward to taking new risks…”
Chin: “I might even have fun.
Collarbone: “I love feeling good about all that I’ve learned.”
Under Arm: “I’m ready to feel confident about making mistakes.”
Head: “I choose to remember that making mistakes can be productive.”
Access more positive vibrations with the Law of Attraction by repeating the following phrases (while tapping or not):
Thank You, Universe for encouraging me to Make Some Mistakes… I feel more aligned with abundance already!
Thank You, Universe for allowing me to feel inspired to Make Some Mistakes… I am looking forward to uplifting results!

Monday, 4 January 2016


Break out the champagne; the 7th row of the periodic table has been completed with the addition of four new elements. While their existence had been predicted before, they have only now been officially discovered – meaning they can be formally named on the table.
At the moment, the four elements – which occupy the 113th, 115th, 117th and 118th positions – have the monikers Uut, Uup, Uus, and Uuo respectively. That will change now, though, thanks to scientists from Russia, the U.S., and Japan. The number denotes the atomic number, the total number of protons in one atom of the element.
Credit for element 113 has been awarded to scientists at the RIKEN Institute in Wako, Japan, while a Russian-U.S. collaboration from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California takes the plaudits for 118. Elements 115 and 117 were found by the same collaboration with the addition of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
The discoveries were ratified by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) on December 30, meaning the naming process can now go ahead. The discoverers get the right to choose the name, so the Japanese team will name element 113 – with previous reports suggesting they may pluck for “Japanium.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

10 Ways to Read and Understand

Most students have been complaining that they fail these and that,even to the extent that 47% was recorded for pass grade at the just concluded G.C.E. WAEC,Our guidelines will help you to read and understand.
Take your pen as you read,it goes thus :

1.Take Away all distractions:
Don't allow your brain and your body at large to be distracted by Gf/BF,Food,family problems e.t.c. when reading,
One brain can't do more than one things perfectly at a time,your brain is not a machine[even machines do rest] avoid over using it. When you are reading,focus with one mind and avoid diversion. More so,some students are also distracted by meaningless things like games,social medias e.t.c. When reading,that shouldn't be,focus your brain on what you are reading