Monday, 20 January 2014

How to Make Your Day a Fulfilled One

Sometimes, when after our daily activities, we come back home with complain, Anger, Regret and unhappiness. It all starts from what we do as we wake up from bed. As we struggle through life, we all look forward to having a happy and fulfilled moment, and with this, we try to avoid anything that would bring us unhappiness or anger. below are things you should do to have a fulfilled day.
Sleep early and wake early: these is what everybody knows but fails to apply in their life, even little children are taught in school that “early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy all day long”. This particular area can either mar or make your day.try as much as you can to avoid anything that would make you to wake late. A recent study shows that more people have less than six hour sleeps which makes them unhealthy. Depriving your body from sleep can result to some cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension, increased stress hormone levels and irregular heartbeat.

2.       Visualize your day: every morning, when you wake, picture how you would like your day to be and how you want to feel at the end of the day. Say to yourself, today is going to be great and successful day for me or this day is going to be amazing because I would accomplish my goals for the day. I know that people say, “he who expects little is seldom disappointed”, but completely erase these quote from your mind. By visualizing your day, you are simply expressing or planning how your day would look like. Remember, when one has a working plan, he would like to work according to the plan which he/she has made. Furthermore, by expressing your intentions for the day to yourself, it shows how you want to unfold success.
Little exercise: even if you are the type that leave very early to work, don’t just wake up and straight away to taking your bath, try to use at least 10-15 minutes to stretch and to do some cardio exercise. It also a great way to combat daily stress. Just involve yourself in any type of exercise that would make you breathe, because simple breathing and stretching exercise of your choice is a great way to have a more purposeful day as it would make you feel energetic all through the day.
Take your breakfast: make your day amazing by making your mind and body balance so as to function at their best.Try as much as you can to take something before living for work. Skipping your breakfast can make you to be dull all through the day. Do make a conscious effort to eat fresh, healthy foods and drink plenty of water throughout the day-your body deserves it-helps to reinforce feelings of self worth and support positive expectation of what the day would bring to you.
5.       Stay focus: avoid any form of distraction during the day that you know would bring unhappiness to you .Are you the type that while driving to work, you had a little car crash with a fellow driver, just avoid him and settle it amicable, because all this things would make your day unfulfilled. Totally avoid any form of trouble that would come your way.
  End your day with gratitude: the best way to bookend a day that started with positive expectation is to take an evening inventory of the events that have transpired and express gratitude. You might has passed through some little challenges, but show appreciation for the good ones that has happened and learn from the bad ones to correct it from reoccurring the following day. Although, gratitude can expressed your own thought, many study, teach and practice personal fulfillment, recommend writing down your positive observation in a dedicated notebook, or a “gratitude journal”. As this may prove challenging for those not used to keeping a journal, the best things that happened in your day and focus on them. The beauty and benefits of the process is that, you would begin to see the good things that has come into your life, even things that may even seems trivial and end your day by focusing on the good ones that has happened, you would be setting the intention to have another great day.

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