Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Top 5 Best Food That Helps to Lose Away Fat or Weight in Less Than Four (4) Weeks.

While a lot of people believe that losing weight without arduous or strenuous exercise is impossible, others believe that losing fat can be possible without exercise. But the question is, is it practically possible to lose weight or fat by eating food alone? That question would be answered after you must have read through this article. Often times the things we eat can either help in burning fat or in building fat. But the other question is how do you know food that helps in burning away fat? It simple, by the result it's brings. Just know that the only secrete involve in losing weight is knowing the amount of calories a meal contain and also knowing how much calorie you are to burn in other to lose weight. For example, if your total diet in a day contains 3500 calories which is equivalent to a pound and you are able to burn at least 500 calories from the diet you take in a day, that is, in seven days you would burn 3500 pounds and in four weeks you would lose 14,000 calories or 4 pounds. This is just a rough estimate of the amount of pounds you would lose in a month, but if you intend losing more, then your fat burning diet must be high. Below are the 5 food that has been proven by nutritionist to be a good fat lose diet.
Walnut: This is an edible seed of a deciduous tree (genus juglenge family) consisting of two halves contained within a hard shell that is enclosed in a green leaf. Walnut not only helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and inflammation. It has been proven that walnut has the highest amount of omega-3-fatty acid among other nuts and phytosterols.Omega-3-fattty acid such as docosahexanaenose acid reduces triglly cerdes (a type of fat circulating in the body and account for majority of the fats circulating body) levels and only slightly the level of bad cholesterol which is commonly known as LDI(low density lipoprotein).also, in addition to heart healthy benefit, walnut contain certain nutrient such as vitamin B, vitamin E, fiber and other minerals. Some of the studies performs suggest that you only need a hand full of walnut a day to receive the cholesterol lowering benefits of walnuts
Apples: this is another fat burning calorie diet that is spherical in nature and comes from the family of rose. It has thin red or green skin and crisp flesh. The two best apples to eat is red delicious and granny smith. These apples have been proven to reduce the risk of heart diseases and type2 diabetes together with reducing fat. The soluble fiber found in apple binds with fat in the intestine, which translate into low cholesterol levels and makes you healthier.th phenolic compound found in apple skin also prevents the cholesterol that get from solidifying on our artery walls
Ginger: it's a hot pleasant spice made from rhizome of a plant. It is either chewed or grinded and use for cooking. Ginger expands blood vessel, increase body heart, which burns about 25% more quickly than if hadn't consumed it. It can be found in tea or you can buy it fresh, at a local heath food store. It also helps to detoxify your body and stimulates circulation. Fresh ginger contains 81% moisture, 0.8% fat, 12% carbohydrate, 2.5%protein, 2.5%of fiber and 1.2% of minerals. It root contains vitamin A, C and B as well as iron, potassium and phosphorus. It is also rich in dietary fiber. Ginger can improve digestion by increasing the power of hydrogen (PH) of the stomach and stimulating the digestive enzymes because ginger has a high fiber content, it increases gastrointestinal mortality.
Garlic: although, it has a strong, smelling and pungent taste but it's a good fat burning diet. It is most effective when chewed in it raw taste than using as flavor in diet. It compound "allican" which has anti-bacterial effect and helps reduce unhealthy fat and cholesterol. garlic have been discovered to raise HDL cholesterol," the good cholesterol" In short time and decreases the level LDL, "the bad cholesterol" even when cooked. Garlic helps keeps cholesterol in your blood stream from oxidizing and damaging the lining of your blood vessels, which helps prevent the formation of plaques.
Cennomon: it is a spice gotten from the inner bark of several trees (genus cinnomonum).it helps to increase the insulin level in your body. In addition it helps to regulate blood sugars level by doing this, it helps to process the excess sugar in your body and stop it from transforming into fat. Mantling sugar level is actually one of the best ways to lose weight and cinnamon is a great way t help with it.
In general, losing weight can be possible without exercise if you eat this food listed above every day. Each of the food helps to burn about 150 calories in your body so if you able to eat the 5 food listed above, then you would burn up to 750 calories in a day. The key to burning away this
fat is taking the food consistently.

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