Monday, 10 March 2014

Does Drinking Lots of Water Increase Mothers' Breast Milk Supply?

It certainly is important for breastfeeding mamas to make sure they are taking care of themselves, and that includes making sure they are drinking to their thirst. The problem is that because moms in general tend to be busy people sometimes, well, they forget about being thirsty and start to become dehyrdrated. Obviously, that's something to avoid.

Breastfeeding moms (and everyone else) should simply make sure that they are taking in fluids appropriately by drinking regularly. Some early signs of dehydration include a dry mouth, dark urine, constipation, dizziness, headaches, and muscle weakness. To avoid dehydration, I encourage moms to keep a water bottle around, stow it in a diaper bag pocket when you are out and about, and do your best to be aware of your thirst level.
Will Drinking Excess Water Increase Milk Supply?

Sometimes you might hear people say that nursing mothers need to drink extra water in order to increase or maintain their milk supply. However, for most healthy women there is no need to drink extra amounts of water. Research shows that increasing water amounts had no affect on building milk supply. However, if you are concerned about your milk supply, don't despair as there are many ways you can boost breast milk production.
Will Other Fluids Adversely Affect Mother's Breast Milk?

The bottom line: water is good for you. It doesn't have added sugars, caffeine, or calories. It's generally plentiful and easily accessible. It can be drank warm or cold. It doesn't stain when spilled. Not to mention those new water bottles make you look awfully trendy.

Water is clearly (pardon the pun) an exceptionally healthful choice. BUT... For healthy women, the idea that it has to be water and nothing else, just isn't true. There are plenty of other options for fluids - from nutritious juices to comforting teas, these fluids will keep you hydrated as well. Even soda can help replace your body fluids. Just keep in mind that not only will the mother be adding fluid to her body but likely sugars, caffeine, and empty calories right along with it.

And what about alcohol and breastfeeding? There are lots of misconceptions out there regarding drinking alcohol. While the occasional beer or glass of wine is fine, despite the old wives' tale, drinking alcohol won't boost supply, but rather inhibit the letdown reflex. So if a mom is concerned about her milk supply, it certainly is best that she avoid drinking.

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