Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Dos and Don’ts for a better 2016

As we approach the year 2016, there are some things that must be taken into consideration if you really want your 2016 to be better than 2015. There are some things that must be done, and some things which mustn’t be done (which you must avoid at all cost). Below are a few of the dos and don’ts for a better 2016

1. Don’t go broke trying to look rich: many people are guilty of this one
. You trynna look so rich, and in the process, you get yourself broke. Some people buy all sorts of expensive shoes, clothing, bags, etc., just to look rich, and they know the size of their pockets. In the process of trying to look rich, some people go broke. This habit has to stop in 2016 if you wanna have it better in 2016.

2. Never try to impress anyone: this one peculiar to guys. Many guys are so guilty of this. They do all sorts of crazy things just to try and impress their dream girl, or any other girl they are chasing or even to impress their fellow guys and gain respect from the guys. Don’t do this. Its trying to be who you are not, and its very bad if you want a better 2016.

3. Don’t live your life solely on what people say about you: people are going to talk. Definitely, its what their mouths are there for. But I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to people’s opinion, but don’t base you life solely on their decision. Listen to what they think and do what you know will favor you and better your life, irrespective of what people are saying.

4. Develop the habit of saving: don’t just spend it all… when you receive your monthly or daily earnings, try and save a little out of it. If you know saving in a bank won’t favor you, then make a saving box (the one we used to call kom-kom). I did that in 2015, so don’t feel shy to do it. I used an empty starch spray container. I dug a small hole underneath the container where I put the money into the container. That stuff worked magic. I saved at least N10 every day, depending on my spending for that day, there are some days I saved up to 50 or 100 bucks. I destroyed the container with a saw on 24th this year, and you won’t believe how much I retrieved from the container

5. Learn to be grateful to people who have been of help to you: there’s a popular saying that “when you thank someone for what was done yesterday, that person will be willing to do more for you today” this is so true. Take this scenario, you give two people a gift each and only one person says ‘thank you’. The next day, who will you be motivated to give a gift? The one that said thank you or the one that didn’t say thank you?

6. Try not to break any heart in 2016: yes boys, you heard me… stop that player attitude and stop using and dumping girls. Take responsibility this 2016 and guard the heart of your lover and be careful not to break the heart of someone entrusted in your hand. Not only guys, girls break hearts too… so ladies, don’t break any guy’s heart in 2016 aiit? The bottom line is, whoever you eventually fall in love with in 2016, try to guard their hearts well and take the love n relationship serious.

7. Don’t gossip:this one is in clear English, I don’t think it needs an explanation. For your 2016 to be better DON’T GOSSIP!!!
8. Don’t betray your friends: yes, don’t betray friends. It’s really a bad thing to do. It not only makes you loose a friend, but it also makes you gain an enemy. So be careful not to betray the trust of any of your friends in 2016.

9. Care for those who show care for you: many of us really defaulted in this area in 2015. When someone shows you care, s/he expects you to return that care by caring for him/her too, so in 2016, change. Show care to those who care for you.

10. Develop a lifestyle: when I say lifestyle, I don’t mean you should develop just any lifestyle, but preferably a healthy lifestyle. What do I mean by developing a lifestyle? Lifestyle is a style of living that reflects the attitude and value of a person. Develop a stable life routine that would show your value. That once someone mentions something, people can easily say “no, I know him, he can’t do such a thing… that’s not his lifestyle”. Talking about a healthy lifestyle, you’ve gotta saty in the RED lifestyle to be in good health in 2016… RED is
R - Rest: have enough rest, your brain and body needs it. Don’t overwork yourself in 2016.
E – Exercise: exercise daily. Not just to have all ’em muscles and biceps but to stay physically fit too. You can follow my own personal exercise routine every morning, if you like, or develop your. I do 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, and 5 pull ups every morning before I take my bath.
D- Diet: eat well, don’t just eat anyhow. It’s not about eating enough food but about eating right, eating a balanced diet. I will write a post here on NL about living a healthy lifestyle in 2016.

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